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Non-Surgical Hernia Treatment with Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy, which regulates the immune system, is one of the most effective methods used in the treatment of herniated disc. After a few applications, it will be possible to get rid of all the effects of herniated disc.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy, which has become used in many areas in recent years, is also called oxygen therapy. It is one of the most preferred methods in the treatment of lumbar hernia. It can be injected intramuscularly or directly into the disc. After the application, it is possible for the person to continue his daily life and there is no need to stay in the hospital since it is a day treatment. After resting for a few hours, the person will be able to continue his daily life.

Can Non-surgical Lumbar Hernia Treatment Be Performed?

It is possible to perform non-surgical lumbar hernia treatment using many different methods. For this reason, the first method of treatment for people suffering from herniated disc and doctors is usually not surgery.

Thanks to many different methods such as radiofrequency, ozone therapy, prolotherapy, it is possible to treat lumbar hernia without surgery. General anesthesia is not needed during these procedures, only sedoanalgesia, which creates a mild sleepiness, is performed.

Is it possible to treat non-surgical lumbar hernia with ozone therapy?

Non-surgical treatment is preferred by both doctors and patients. Especially in the early period, ozone therapy is successfully applied to moderate-to-advanced hernias, even ruptured hernias as popularly called. It has little to no side effects. After 10-20 minutes of operation, the patient can return to work on the same day and continue his life from where he left off. The success rate of this method is 80-85%. The possibility of recurrence is very very low.

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